10 Food Avoid in this summer || Summer Food

Avoid Summer Food

Hello! I  Dhaval Chandpara Wishing you all very happy Summer. Today we are talking about Summer Food. 

In Summer mercury levels are on a steep climb temperature touch high & last two to three year Its increase and increase due to what that all we know so, To prevent your self from Heat Wave you must follow this 10 Food Avoid in this summer.  High Temp. lead to physical Fitness Problem.

Above or At 43 °C its called Heat Wave and we are almost there in few year if climate gradually change than it will burn all so,  10 Food Avoid in this Summer || Summer food

It's already Starting of April and the Indian summer is turning out to be as hot as ever. It is already too hot and any food that generates further heat inside your body is better to be avoided during the summer months. It is applicable especially in those cities where the temperature rises to close to 40 degree centigrade and more. In this type of wether we wants holidays to chill and relief for that people of India has good choise of Maldivs & Bali & Andman Nikobar. So check out our blog on to that Bali Vs Maldives

So Let Start 10 Food Avoid in this summer || Summer Food

1) Alcohol

1Alcohol and heat make a dangerous combination. Heat further heightens the adverse effects of alcohol such as lack of balance and coordination in summer. Alcohol not only causes dehydration but also disrupt the temperature regulation of the body. 

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2) Fried snacks

You should refrain yourself from eating deep fried snacks such as pakora, samosa, chole bhature, etc. in summer. The presence of a large amount of trans fat in fried snacks increases bad cholesterol level in the body. Moreover, these snacks make you feel badly stuffed in summer.

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3) Fruit lemonade

Fruit lemonade is a mixture of sugar, lemon juice, artificial flavor, fruit pulp and water. The combination of packaged fruit juice with lemon juice act like soda that not only increases your weight but might also lead to illnesses. However, fruit lemonade is fine if it is prepared using fresh lemon juice without artificial flavors. 

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4) Soda

Soda consists of excess sugar, phosphoric acid, benzene, sodium benzoate and artificial food colors. Excess consumption of soda causes several side effects including brain tumor, diabetes, emotional disorders, etc. 

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5) Chocolate

Chocolate is hot as its own property.Two much access of Chocolate lead to bed in this Hot summer. because chocolate is hot and your stomach feel hotter instead of providing relief from the heat.

5) Chapati 

Chapati also known rotis are made of wheat flour which is a primary food in many parts of the country. But as this is not easily digestible and also generates a considerable amount of heat during digestion, its better to avoid them in summer especially during the day time and eat rice instead.

6) Dried Fruits

Even though dry fruits are considered extremely healthy, they have a lot of heat. So, it is advisable to minimise the intake of dry fruits during summer.

7) Excess tea/coffee  

Both tea and coffee tends to heat-up the body. So it is suggested to avoid it as much as possible in order to stay fit and healthy during summer.

8)  Mango

Mangoes are certainly the most attractive thing about Indian summer. But the fact is, it is a body warming food and eating too many mangoes can even develop heat pimples, especially among children and teenagers.

9) Sauces

Excess consumption of sauces cause bloating and sluggishness. You need to replace sauces with healthy chutneys or preferably curd during summer. 

10) Non-vegetarian meals

Many non-vegetarian foods like red meat, egg, prawns, squid and crab generate excessive heat and are always better to be avoided during summer. They can also upset your stomach or cause diarrhea draining out a lot of fluids from your body requiring extensive medical treatment.

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Must Read: dc4sure.wordpress.com

Additional Details For you

* Avoid Spicy Masalas

We are certainly fond of rich and spicy food, but it is better to avoid them for at least couple of months during summer. Spices like chili, ginger, pepper, cumin seeds and Cinnamon are body heating as they are found to boost the rate of metabolism considerably and naturally have a thermogenic effect on the body that is pretty strong.
* Avoid Junk Food

Summer is definitely not the right time to consume junk food in excess. Refrain yourself from eating burgers, pizza, french fries, meat patties, etc. in summer. 

Ice Creams

Ice creams is body warming foods. It can make your stomach feel hotter instead of providing relief from the heat.


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